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Custom Reporting Series at Intuitive Accountant – More About Reporting Tools

Donovan has posted his second article at the Intuitive Accountant, “QuickBooks Custom Reporting – A Series:  More about Reporting Tools.”  This article covers Xpanded Reports, QQube, QODBC and the Custom Advanced Reporting (CAR) tool.  To learn more about these tools have a look at the article, and let us know what you think.  Make sure that you’re watching for follow up articles in the series.

Custom Advanced Reporting (CAR), Custom Reporting, QQube, QuickBooks

QuickBooks Custom Reporting Article Series on the Intuitive Accountant

Donovan has begun writing a series of articles for the Intuitive Accountant.  His first article, “QuickBooks Custom Reporting – A Series: Introduction” can be found here.  Donovan will be following up this introduction with future articles on Custom Reporting. Have a look and let us know what you think, then keep an eye out for the follow ups.

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After Scaling New Heights

Joe Woodard and Donovan at Scaling New Height 2013

Joe Woodard and Donovan at Scaling New Height 2013

My how time flies.  Seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that I was in Florida teaching a handful of Scaling New Heights attendees a bit of what I know about QuickBooks custom reporting.  You may have noticed I said a “bit”.  Here at Alembic we have learned so much about how QuickBooks data is stored and how to report on it.  We get requests from all types of businesses looking for all types of reports and to try to cram in all that we know into an 8 hour workshop is just not possible.

In our workshop we discussed the QuickBooks Custom Advanced Reporting Tool and covered the basics of how it works.  Here at Alembic this is our preferred method of reporting on QuickBooks data when our customer is running QuickBooks Enterprise v11 or newer.  With this tool Intuit has given us access to views of the “raw” QuickBooks data.  We are still limited to the data that Intuit gives us access to, but we love the control we have over the data and the speed of the reports is typically super fast.  Another benefit is that the only additional cost to the customer is our development time.

The other tool we covered in the workshop was QQube. QQube is a third party product that brings your data into its own database that is formatted for reporting.  I won’t go into what all this really means but trust me when I say it makes it much easier for a user to learn to report on the QuickBooks data; it’s easier to report on a database formatted for reading than one designed for data writing and storage.  While we absolutely love the Custom Advanced Reporting Tool it does take a certain level of technical knowledge and skill to master.

While most users find QQube easier to understand and create their own reports with, we find ourselves choosing the reporting method that is going to meet the customers needs best. If you are in need of a custom report or would like help learning how to use one of these tools please contact us today.

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Teaching At Scaling New Heights 2013

Earlier this year Donovan was personally contacted by QuickBooks® expert Joe Woodard, of Woodard Consulting, to present a workshop on Crystal Reports using QuickBooks® Data and QQube by Clearify at this year’s Scaling New Heights Conference at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. In 2012 Joe was recognized by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 influencers within the accounting profession. We were honored to receive the invitation from him and the opportunity to present a workshop at the Scaling New Heights Advanced Training Conference.

In order to prepare for the workshop Donovan became a Certified QQube Professional and Alembic is now a Certified QQube Solution Provider. We are excited about this new certification and look forward to working with you to determine how QQube can help you with your reporting needs.

When Donovan returns he looks forward to telling you all about it!