Multiple Ship To Address Importer Guide

This utility is used to Add and Update Ship To Addresses for existing customers in QuickBooks®

See our Multiple Ship To Address Importer application page for pricing and purchase information.

This product has been designed to work with a currently open QuickBooks® file so prior to launching this application make sure you have your QuickBooks® file open.

The first time the program is run you will be prompted for a Product Key. You must enter a valid Product Key for the application to continue. Your Product Key will be provided when you purchase the product. Our Product Keys are generated for the computer the application is being run on. If you are planning on running the application on multiple computers you will be provided a Product Key for each system. Make sure that you are entering the correct Product Key for the system you are on.

Once you have successfully entered your Product Key you will see the main screen of the program. The Company Name of the Open QuickBooks® file will be displayed at the top of the screen, helping to ensure you are logged into the correct file, for those that may have more than one.

The first step in running the application is to select the type of import you want to do.

There are 2 options:

  1. Add new / Keep existing – Addresses in your spreadsheet will be compared to any current addresses in the file, if the address in the spreadsheet is new it will be added and if the address name already exists the address in the spreadsheet will be ignored.
  2. Add new / Update existing – Addresses in your spreadsheet will be compared to any current addresses in the file, if the address in the spreadsheet is new it will be added, if the address name already exists the address will be updated with the information in the spreadsheet.


Type of Import

Once you have selected your option the Select Spreadsheet button will be activated and you can now select the spreadsheet you wish to import.

After selecting the spreadsheet you will be able to select the sheet within the Excel workbook that contains your address information.

MultiShipToSheetSelectWith the proper sheet selected click the Validate Spreadsheet button. If there are problems with the data in the spreadsheet, for example the Customer does not exist in QuickBooks® or you have duplicate address names in the spreadsheet, a list of errors will appear in the lower part of the application window.

MultiShipToErrorAt this point you can print the list of errors and warnings, correct the issues in the spreadsheet and re-select the spreadsheet; or you can import what passed validation and then take care of the errors.

Once the import is complete you will receive a message indicating the application is done, once you click the okay button the application will reset so you can do another file or you can exit the program.


ACCTivate! Custom Reporting

We have been supporting ACCTivate! for some time now and we have been doing quite a bit of custom reporting work for users all over the country. ACCTivate! comes with quite a few canned reports but of course they don’t have it all. Different businesses have different needs and even in the same industry people want to see their data differently.

We have created custom sales reports,  product re-order reports, special order fulfillment reports, a wide range of inventory reports and more. We have even had opportunities to create custom applications that interact with the ACCTivate! database. We plan on adding “How We Helped” posts here on our blog when we complete projects that others may benefit from. These posts will include a brief overview of the “problem” and our solution.

We will also be adding “How We Helped” posts for QuickBooks® related projects that you may find since QuickBooks® is one of the products that takes care of all of the accounting for ACCTivate!