Workflow for Professional Billing

Exact Synergy Enterprise’s Workflow provides the ability to create a transaction for almost any activity. We are all familiar with normal business financial transactions. There are sales orders that become invoices, purchase orders that become supplier bills, or inventory activity to keep track of our products. But there are also non-financial transactions that occur in a business. These non-financial transactions are simply an exchange or interaction between people. For example, an appointment or a phone call could be captured as a transaction and further acted upon.

Many important non-financial transactions are already tracked electronically as “transactions”. For example, an appointment in your calendar is a “transaction” in a database that is used to keep track of an event.

Professional services tracking is a great example of a non-financial transaction, in the traditional sense, that leads to a business transaction when you get to bill for your time. And there are many Time & Billing Systems out there that will help turn your time tracking transaction into an invoice to be sent to your customer. But can those systems also provide a one-stop shop for Document Management, Workflow Management (BPM), Human Resources Management (HRM), Customer Relations Management (CRM), and Project Management?

That’s the Beauty of Exact Synergy Enterprise

With Synergy Enterprise you get it all! Sure, you can keep track of time spent servicing clients. But you can also store relevant documents with the time entries and file them all under a project. You can keep track of personnel, their skills, certifications, job descriptions and anything else you may need to know about the people in your organization. And you can use the system to track more than just time spent working for clients. You can use it for keeping up with sales activities, proposals and quotes, as well as social media and marketing. Synergy provides a complete circle.

There’s a Connector for That

If only time tracked in Synergy could become an invoice in QuickBooks®. Well, now it can! ACSI has created a Connector that will take specified Workflow Requests and turn them into invoices in QuickBooks® with the click of a button. No more double entry! No more incomplete solutions!

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