Workflow Gets the Job Done!

Exact Synergy Enterprise Workflow is the new way to get work done! Based on the concept of integrated workflows, documents and projects, Synergy’s powerful engine brings clarity, structure and collaboration to doing business. Also known as Business Process Management, or BPM, Workflow processes communicate to the workforce the tasks required to Get the Job Done.

Synergy Workflow brings together functions, departments, and people around any number of process “request types”, or Calls for Action. These requests could be initiated by an email from a customer, a new sales lead, an administrative task that needs doing, or any business process that needs to be completed. Exact Synergy links these request types to corresponding resources, projects, documents, and accounts so that all required operations are interrelated and traceable.

Role Based Requests Direct Business Activities

A workflow request can be defined to follow a particular route through the organization until it has been completely processed. Depending on the definition, tasks can appear automatically in a person’s workflow “inbox” and can require documentation, collaboration, or deadlines. A task is only considered complete when the responsible individual has signed on it. Progress can be viewed at any time and alarms can be created to make sure the process keeps flowing.

It’s All About Teamwork and Information Availability

In the end, the result is a connected business process that fosters a new level of teamwork and cooperation with clear responsibilities, reduced costs and overhead, and the benefit of having access to key valuable information anytime, anywhere.

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