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Documents are critical to a business. Whether it is a contract, a purchase order, an invoice, or correspondence with a customer, documents matter. Exact Synergy ensures that today’s document intensive processes are supported throughout the business. Synergy is able to take the organization and retrieval of documents to a new level of ease and efficiency. Its document management feature makes presentations, spreadsheets, emails, and most everything else available to everyone in one place.

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Key Information Makes Docs Easy to Find

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With Synergy Enterprise, you can tie documents to projects, employees, customers, prospects, suppliers, items, and even transactions. And you can do it all at once! Imagine being able to find a document by the project number, or the customer, or the employee who files it. Additionally, Exact Synergy supports document tagging – key wording –  for fast accurate searching and retrieval of specific documents. You can add tags to your own or other people’s documents, so everyone can assign their own search words. With Synergy, your documents are readily available, highly organized, and easy to find.



Save Files Directly from Microsoft Office!

With Synergy, you can capture documents and store them in multiple formats, such as PDF, DOC, XLS, DWG and many more. Using the Synergy Office Integration, documents created in MS Word and MS Excel can be stored and retrieved from Synergy without ever having to leave the MS Office application. It is also easy to file emails in Synergy directly from MS Outlook.

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Not Everyone Should See Everything

Exact Synergy is built around the idea of sharing information so people have the knowledge, insight, and clarity they need to do their job. However, it is also important to remember that not all information is to be shared with everyone. Synergy’s document management functions allow you to set permissions for creating, viewing and editing documents. This allows information to be shared securely, knowing it will only be seen by those with the proper privileges.

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