Businesses Around the World are Getting Organized with Exact Synergy Enterprise

Synergy Enterprise, from Exact Software, is a web-based solution that connects the people, processes, and knowledge that matter most to your business. With Synergy, your information is stored in one centralized database using one application. No longer do you need separate programs and databases to:

  • Store and Retrieve Documents
  • Control Business Activities and Workflow
  • Keep Track of Project Status and Related Information
  • Manage Customer and Supplier Relations
  • Manage Technicians & Service Appointments
  • Store and Track Important Employee Information
  • Manage Product Cycles and R&D Tasks
  • Keep Track of Machine Maintenance
  • Track Professional Time & Billing
  • … And so much more

You can do it all with Exact Synergy Enterprise!

The Tools that Make It Possible

With Synergy’s “building block” approach, you can create an application to keep track of just about everything that is important in your business. To accomplish this, Synergy is made up of three primary highly customizable components:

  1. Master Cards – There are cards for People/Resources, Accounts (Customers, Suppliers, Resellers, and more), Items and Projects. Each “card” comes ready to store most information you might require for each. But, if you need to keep track of something unique, there are free fields available for you to add.
  2. Workflow Requests – Requests keep track of what is going on. They can be used to “transactionalize” just about every non-financial activity in your business. They can be something as simple as a vacation request that needs to be approved, to keeping track of customer phone calls, to itemizing tasks performed for a particular project. The possibilities are unlimited.
  3. Documents –  Documents keep track of important communications and company knowledge. Customizable Categories and Types allow you to easily file and retrieve documents that are stored in Synergy. You can save files available on your system, or you can save files directly from Microsoft Office Outlook, Excel, and Word.


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