QuickBooks® Custom Reporting

Here at the Resource Center we do a large amount of our reporting using Crystal Reports combined with the tools included in QuickBooks® Enterprise. While we do our development in Crystal, you don’t have to purchase Crystal to run our reports, we have built our own viewer that we bundle into your reports for easy running.

While a majority of our reporting work is focused around the QuickBooks® Enterprise product we can also create custom reports for those running QuickBooks® Pro and Premier as well.  There are additional costs for the Pro and Premier users because they must purchase tools that will grant access to the data that is needed for custom report creation.

Some of the tools we work with are the FLEXquarters QODBC Driver, QuickBooks® Custom Reporting (CAR) (Enterprise only), and QQube.

Some of our reports

Below is a list of some of the reports we have created.  We will add to this list over time as we create new reports that we feel others will benefit from or if it demonstrates some of the unique things we are able to accomplish. Click on the report name to view the blog post for more details about the report. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the reports below or if you have a custom report need of your own.

Inventory Reports

  • Assembly Item Detail Report
  • Shipping Summary Report
  • Bill of Lading Report
  • Inventory Analysis Report
  • Production Planning Report
  • Inventory ReOrder Report
  • Item Use Report
  • Product Availability Report
  • Group Item Availability Report
  • Inventory Availability Report
  • Obsolete Item Report
  • QBAR Inventory Report
  • 52 Week Raw Build Report

Sales Reports

  • New Client Report
  • Customer List Report
  • Customer Total Sales Report
  • Customer Sale & Contact
  • Customer List with Sales Info
  • Customer Price List Report
  • Item Sales Report
  • Customer Transaction
    Activity Report
  • Open Sales Order Report
  • Pack Sheet
  • Manufacturer Commissions
  • Delivery Ticket
  • Backlog By Due Date Report
  • Sales Order Reports
  • Product Invoiced Report
  • Sales History by Vendor Report
  • Item Sales Report
  • Last Purchase Date Range
    Selection on Sales Report
  • Parent Level Price List Report
  • Cash Receipts by Customer Report
  • Open Orders by Customer Report
  • Commission Report
  • Closed Cases Report
  • Sales and Receipt History Reports
  • Job Status Report
  • Invoice Reports
  • Chargeback Report

Purchasing Reports

  • Purchase Order by Project Report

Financial Reports

  • Collections Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Customer Credit Report
  • Check to Invoice Report
  • Check Bank Account Report
  • Aging Report by Class
  • Out for Bid Report
  • Income Statements
    QQube Crystal Reports
  • Positive Pay Report
  • Cash Register Receipt Report
  • Budget vs. Actual Reports
  • AR Aging Report
  • AP Aging Report
  • 401K Report
  • Ship To Sales Tax Report
  • Billing Realization Report
  • Initial Fees Collected Report
  • Summary of Contracts/
    Job Profitability Report
  • Time Sheet Report
  • Custom Invoice/Statement
  • Unbilled Time by Rep Report
  • Employee Contributions Report
  • Received Payments Report
  • Open Invoice Query with
    Terms and Due Date Report
  • Initial Fees Collected
    By Sales Rep Report
  • Payments by Aging Report
  • Statement of Activities Report
  • Bonus Report
  • Cash Balance Report
  • Credit Card Charges
    By Class Report
  • Mgt WIP Report
  • Banking Import Report
  • Payroll Time Tracking Report
  • Job Cost Report