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Acctivate uses Crystal Report Writer as its reporting engine. This allows us to make modifications to standard reports and to customize Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders. We can also create unique custom reports from scratch.

When you find yourself manually updating spreadsheets to calculate commissions or track special orders we can create custom reports for you that will allow you to get your results in seconds.

Some of Our Reports

Below is a list of some of the reports we have created.  We will add to this list over time as we create new reports that we feel others will benefit from or if it demonstrates some of the unique things we are able to accomplish. Click on select report names to view the blog post for more details about the report. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the reports below or if you have a custom report need of your own.

Inventory Reports

  • Mega Inventory Report
  • Stock on Hand Report
  • Inventory Kitting Report
  • Product Component Report
  • Serial Number Report
  • Pick Ticket Report
  • Inventory Export Report
  • Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Inventory Valuation Report
    with Management Cost
  • Item Label
  • Inventory Movement Report
  • Where Used Report
  • UCC-128/Serial Barcode Label
  • Products Received Label
  • Aged Inventory Report
  • Inventory Issues Summary Report
  • Location Put Away Report
  • Product Barcode Labels
  • Full Page Barcode Label Report
  • Component Availability & Purchasing Advise

Sales Report

  • Weekly Sales Report
  • Commission Reports
  • Sales by Rep Reports
  • Completed Sales Orders
    by Company Report
  • Schedule and Backorder
    Totals Report
  • Sales Order Received Reports
  • Vendor Sales Reports
  • Comparative Sales by
    Sales Rep Report
  • Royalty Reports
  • Daily Orders Report
  • Daily Open Orders Reports
  • Sort Pick Ticket
    with Components Report
  • Open Orders by Customer Report
  • Sales by Product Report
  • Invoice Sales Journal Report
  • Sales Comparison Report
  • Quote Summary Report
  • Customer Price List
  • Sales Detail Report
  • Blanket Order Reports

Purchasing Reports

  • Purchasing, Production and
    Packing Reports
  • Vendor Paid and Unpaid POS Report
  • Open PO Summary Report (Drop Ship)
  • Receiver Report
  • Open PO Report
  • Prices by Vendor Report

Financial Reports

  • Un-Invoiced Payments Reports
  • Cash Flow Forecast Report