ACSI’s Treez-to-QuickBooks Connector!

ACSI’s Treez to QuickBooks Connector creates accounting activity in QuickBooks from your Treez POS system in a matter of minutes. Whether you import once a day or once a month, it’s simple, easy, and FAST!


Summarized Daily Transactions for:

  • Sales
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Inventory Receipts & Adjustments
  • Cash Drops


  • Vendors are Created in QuickBooks when needed
  • Bills are Created for Inventory Receipts
  • Vendor Credits are Created for Returns

Flexible Configuration!

Our flexible mapping means changes to your QuickBooks accounting is kept to a minimum.

  • Mappings for General Ledger Accounts
  • Mappings for QuickBooks Items to control Revenue & COGS
  • Mappings for Inventory based on Treez Item Type

What our Customers are Saying!

“It’s a little difficult to quantify the number of hours we’re saving … I can confidently say that performing the POS / Financial integration as a manual process with our current staff would be incredibly difficult, if not totally impossible. The act of pulling sales, bills, credits, cash movements and adjustments from 4 locations and manually entering them one by one would be an incredibly time-consuming task.” ~ Justin, IT Mgr @ SPARC