Programming for QuickBooks®

Below are just some of the programs we have created for QuickBooks®. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss how our experienced QuickBooks® programmers can create a solution that works for you.

Standard Applications

Treez to QuickBooks® Connector– This program provides integration with the Treez Point of Sale/ERP system to create Sales Receipts, Inventory & COGs GL entries, and Vendor Bills in QuickBooks®.

QuickBooks® Multi Ship To Address Importer – This application allows you to import Multiple Ship To Addresses for Customers and Jobs.  Check out our QuickBooks® Multi Ship To Address Importer page for more details.

Concur Connector for QuickBooks® – This applications allows Concur Professional users to automatically import Bills and Payments into QuickBooks® automatically. Check out our Concur Connector page for more details.

Custom Solutions

TrueCommerce ASN Processing Utility – This program uses a CSV file of Shipment Notifications (ASNs) downloaded from TrueCommerce EDI to update the quote in QuickBooks®, generate a shipping confirmation eMail to the customer, and create the invoice for the shipment. This one’s a real time saver!

Multi-Company Balance Transfer Utility – This utility program allows the user to configure an unlimited number of QuickBooks® companies to facilitate a rapid transaction entry and post of Balance Transfer transactions. If you have a lot of intercompany balance transfers to do, this can save you lots of time!

QuickBooks® Customer Delete Utility – This program was designed to delete customers from QuickBooks® based on a list in a spreadsheet.  It was originally created for a customer starting a new QB file and they only wanted to import Customers they sold to within the last year.

Add Parent ID to QB Items Utility – This program uses the contents of a spreadsheet to assign items to a Group providing a better organization of the items within QuickBooks® and saved our customer countless hours of data entry work.

Cleared Check Setting Utility – This program uses a spreadsheet of cleared checks provided by the bank and marks them as cleared in QuickBooks®. This utility saves our customer with hundreds of checking accounts hours each month.

PO Line Item Import Utility – This program appends lines to an existing PO from a spreadsheet. In this case, a pending PO for a Vendor is on file and new orders are received from Customers that must be added to the yet to be released PO.

Sales Order Line Import Utility – This program not only appends lines to an existing Sales Order from a spreadhseet, but it keeps the lines in alphabetical sequence.

Inventory Data Extract Application – This application allows the user to select items from the QB Item List to be included on a spreadsheet Price List. Each item row on the spreadsheet contains Item information and characteristics from QuickBooks®, as well as a related picture.

QB Sales Orders from Access Connector – This program takes data from a homegrown Access application and uses it to create Sales Orders in QuickBooks®.

Cardlock Fuels Connector – This program provides integration with the Cardlock Fuels System to create Customer Invoices in QuickBooks®.

Auto Transport Plus to QuickBooks® Connector – This program provides integration with the Auto Transport Plus system to create Customer Invoices and Vendor Bills in QuickBooks®.

QB General Ledger Data Extract Utilities – We have written several utilities designed to extract GL data not readily available in the required format or not conveniently available otherwise. Example 1: An extract to allow a customer with 4-4-5 accounting periods to export P&L data to a spreadsheet for financial reporting and comparison. Example 2: A 24 month extract of Trail Balance and Budget activity run automatically using Windows Task Scheduler.