QuickBooks® Applications

Below is a list of applications that we have created for QuickBooks®, if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us to discuss how we can create a solution that works for you.

Canned Applications

QuickBooks® Multi Ship To Address Importer – This application allows you to import Multiple Ship To Addresses for Customers and Jobs.  Check out our QuickBooks® Multi Ship To Address Importer page for more details.

Concur Connector for QuickBooks® – This applications allows Concur Professional users to automatically import Bills and Payments into QuickBooks®. We have one customer who is importing Bills and Payments into over 35 QB files.  Check out our Concur Connector page for more details.

Other Applications

QuickBooks® Customer Delete Utility – This program was designed to delete customers from QuickBooks® based on a list in a spreadsheet.  It was originally created for a customer starting a new QB file and they only wanted to import Customers they sold to within the last year.  We created a Crystal report to generate the list of Customers and then ran this Delete Utility against the live QB file.  If the Customer had activity in the QB file then it made the Customer Inactive.  Then when Customers were transferred from the current file into the new QB file only Active Customers were transferred.  If the Customer had no transaction data in the current file they were simply deleted.

Add Parent ID to QB Items Utility – This program uses the contents of a spreadsheet to assign items to a Group providing a better organization of the items within QuickBooks® and saved our customer countless hours of data entry work.

Cleared Check Setting Utility – This program uses a spreadsheet of cleared checks provided by the bank and marks them as cleared in QuickBooks®. This utility saves our customer with hundreds of checking accounts hours each month.

PO Line Item Import Utility – This program appends lines to an existing PO from a spreadsheet. In this case, a pending PO for a Vendor is on file and new orders are received from Customers that must be added to the yet to be released PO.

Sales Order Line Import Utility – This program not only appends lines to an existing Sales Order from a spreadhseet, but it keeps the lines in alphabetical sequence.

Inventory Data Extract Application – This application allows the user to select items from the QB Item List to be included on a spreadsheet Price List. Each item row on the spreadsheet contains Item information and characteristics from QuickBooks®, as well as a related picture.

QB Sales Orders from Access Connector – This program takes data from a homegrown Access application and uses it to create Sales Orders in QuickBooks®.

Cardlock Fuels Connector – This program provides integration with the Cardlock Fuels System to create Customer Invoices in QuickBooks®.

Auto Transport Plus to QuickBooks® Connector – This program provides integration with the Auto Transport Plus system to create Customer Invoices and Vendor Bills in QuickBooks®.

QB General Ledger Data Extract Utilities – We have written several utilities designed to extract GL data not readily available in the required format or not conveniently available otherwise. Example 1: An extract to allow a customer with 4-4-5 accounting periods to export P&L data to a spreadsheet for financial reporting and comparison. Example 2: A 24 month extract of Trail Balance and Budget activity run automatically using Windows Task Scheduler.