Acctivate PO Importer

Our Acctivate PO Importer allows you to import Purchase Orders quickly and easily into Acctivate, whether it’s for a one time import or for day to day imports.

We have created a way for new Acctivate users to get their Open Purchase Orders out of QuickBooks® and into Acctivate. It’s as simple as importing one of our Memorized QuickBooks® reports, running and exporting the report to Excel and then processing the spreadsheet through our PO Importer.  This is great for getting those Open POs into Acctivate on go live day without having to have a user do manual entry.  We have seen users import a couple of hundred POs in just a couple of minutes, from beginning to end.

If you’re coming from a system other than QuickBooks®, that’s okay we can help you too. All you need to do is get your data into a spreadsheet and off you go.

You may find you have a need to import POs on an ongoing basis. This may be because you receive information via spreadsheets from an outside source or maybe you have a secondary system where you generate POs and you need to get that data into Acctivate without double entry.  We can even help if you are creating POs in a home grown Access database and you want the data pulled from that database straight into Acctivate.

If you downloaded the PO Importer and need assistance running the application please visit our post on how the PO Importer works.  If you need additional assistance please contact us.

If you’re running into issues with the PO Importer please visit our post on validation errors and how to address them.

How to buy

One time QuickBooks® Import – $195

For the one-time user that needs to get their POs out of QB and into Acctivate the cost is $195.

Download the PO Importer

You can download and install the PO Importer and run it in Demo Mode, this will allow you to Import 5 POs into your Acctivate Company file.  You can import into your Model Company, your Live File or both.  Once you’re ready to buy the unlocked version simply give us a call, or use our contact form so that we can process your payment and provide you with a Product Key.  Once activated you will be able to import POs up to 5 times.

Unlimited Use License – $595

For those that need to import POs on a recurring basis prices start at $595.  The actual cost will depend on the source of your data and the modifications required to work with that source. For example, if you are planning to use a simple spreadsheet with a column for each of the required fields then you are most likely looking at a cost of $595.  If your setup requires custom programming and modifications the cost could be in the neighborhood of $2,500, it all depends on the modifications required.  Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and provide you with a quote.

The download link about will only work for users needing to import POs as they migrate from QuickBooks®.  For any other version please contact us for more info.