Acctivate Auto Assign Lots

Our Acctivate Auto Assign Lots program will help you assign Lot Numbers to your Acctivate Sale Orders will little effort.

When you are creating a large number of Orders, or your Orders have several Lot controlled items, assigning Lots to each line on each Order can take a lot of time.  If you are assigning Lots in a way that can be automated why not let us help.  Our out of the box version of the Auto Assign Lots program will assign Lots based on Expiration Date, then Last Activity Date and finally by Quantity. This will assign lots that are expiring soonest to latest and it will then look at lots with the oldest activity date to the most recent. Finally, if items have lots with the same dates it will use the lot with the least quantity first.

If you need to assign Lots in another way we will work with you to create a custom solution that will work for your specific process.

The Auto Assign Lots program works with the Sales Order Workflow Status to determine what Orders need to have lots assigned.  Simply set the Workflow Status to the option of your choice in the settings and off you go.  The program will look for any Order with the specified Workflow Status, if there are Lot Controlled Products on the Order the program will assign Lots, if any are available, and when complete the program will update the Workflow Status to the Status you specify, indicating Lots have been assigned.  You have the ability to set a Workflow Status for when Lots are completely assigned or for when Lots are only partially assigned, which happens when there is not a sufficient quantity of Lot Numbers to assign.

An example of what the entire process might look like is as follows.  If you are using Acctivate’s Web Store Integrator you can set it up to bring in Orders with a specific Workflow Status, in our example we’ll use “Assign Lots”.  When you run the Auto Assign Lots program it will look for these Orders and assign Lots to as many Orders, and lines, as possible.  If all lines on an Order are fully assigned then the Workflow Status is updated to a new Status, in our example we’ll use “Lots Assigned”.  If Lots are only partially assigned then a different Status can be assigned, in our example we’ll use “Lots Partially Assigned”.  You can now use the Alerts module in Acctivate to quickly and easily see what Orders are fully assigned and those that are partially assigned.  This way users can take appropriate actions based on the new Status.

How to buy

You can download and install the Auto Assign Lots application and run it in Demo Mode, this will allow you to assign Lot Numbers for 2 calendar days in your Acctivate Company file.  You can import into your Model Company, your Live File or both.  Once you’re ready to buy the unlocked version simply give us a call or use our contact form so that we can process your payment and provide you with a Product Key.

Download Auto Assign Lots

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is for those that need to assign lots by Expiration Date and Transaction Date and this edition is $1,500.

Customized Edition

If the standard edition isn’t going to assign lots the way that will work for your needs please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and provide you with a quote.