Custom Applications, Utilities & Connectors

There may be times when you find yourself needing to get data into, or out of, QuickBooks® or Acctivate and a manual process just isn’t an option, or cost effective. While there are a large number of programs on the market that can get data in, or out of QuickBooks® there may not be a solution that does exactly what you need.  If you are using Acctivate there are very few options for such things.

You may have the perfect application that helps you “get the job done” but it doesn’t integrate with QuickBooks®. You may find that the information is not getting into QuickBooks® or that you or an employee are manually entering the data and it is consuming way too much time; time that could be used for other, more productive, activities.

You may have an in-house application that has been created to complete some very specific tasks and while it might allow you to create transactions in a way that works perfectly for the way you do business it doesn’t push that data into QuickBooks® or Acctivate, and the whole process would be complete if you could just push a button to move all that data.

Custom Solutions for Over 35 Years!

This is where we can help create that perfect solution. Whether you need a complete application that you have not been able to find, a utility to help you manipulate your data, or a connector to help you move data into or out of QuickBooks® or other software products, we are here to help you.

Alembic Computer Services has been providing affordable Custom Programming Services to small businesses since 1980.

Some of Our Work

Alembic has created a wide range of applications for QuickBooks®, Acctivate, and other software products. The links below will take you to a page more specific to each application.  These pages will give you an idea of the programming we have created. You may find that one of these could work for you with a few modifications.

We also have a few canned applications that we resell and while they may not meet your specific needs right out of the box, with a few adjustments we should be able to make them work for you.  Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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