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Automate Concur Invoicing and Concur Expense Integration into QuickBooks®

The Problem

We recently had a customer come to us that was beginning to utilize Concur Invoicing and Concur Expense for all 50 of their companies and wanted the import files generated by Concur to automatically create the appropriate transactions in QuickBooks®. An import file was being generated each day when new Invoices were entered into the Concur system. That meant if one invoice was entered each day for each company file there could be a total of 250 files each week that would then need to be imported into QuickBooks®; not to mention the files generated to create the Bill Payments in QuickBooks® as well. All of these files needed to be downloaded via FTP, decrypted and then manually imported into the correct QuickBooks® file. This was a very time consuming process the customer did not want to go through.

The Solution

We took this challenge head on, working with the team at Concur to develop a solution that would streamline and automate the entire process. Our solution has a simple setup process after which all the user has to do is monitor an error folder in case any issues arise. Our custom solution downloads the import files from the FTP site, decrypts the files, archives a copy of the file, opens the correct QuickBooks® file, creates the Bills and Bill Payments, closes QuickBooks® and moves to the next set of files. If another company is added then a quick 30 second setup is needed and the next time the program runs the new company falls right in line and everything gets done for the new file with no additional work needed.

This solution is a huge time saver for the customer and it is a solution that could be easily adapted to work for other Concur users. We were also able to get the Concur Expense product to import as well.

Please contact us if you would like to automate your Concur importing too!

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Web Orders and ACCTivate!

As you may or may not know ACCTivate! integrates with a handful of shopping carts, but there are so many choices and sites out there that it just can’t have a direct integration for them all. We were contacted by a rather new ACCTivate! user that is currently utilizing one of the unsupported sites; however, they may be moving to a supported site in the next 6 to 9 months.

The Problem: The customer didn’t want to keep hand keying in their Web Orders while on their current system; but they also didn’t want to spend too much on a solution to eliminate manual entry because of the plan to migrate to a supported site down the road.

How Did We Help: After some discussion we learned that the customer could either download a poorly formatted text file or a nicely laid out XML file. We suggested writing a small custom program that would take the XML file and convert it into a comma separated value (.csv) file that could be used with the Sales Order Import feature in ACCTivate!. The customer chose to go with the custom program option so we moved forward with that plan. Now the customer has a custom program that reads an XML file into the program and outputs a perfectly formatted .csv file which they use to import their Web Orders into ACCTivate! via the Sales Order Import function. This has done away with the manual entry work they were doing and has saved time as well as eliminated human error. It is not as automated as the Web Order module that ACCTivate! has, but it was a quick and rather inexpensive interim solution while they decide if and when they will make a shopping cart change.