Intuit GoPayment

There is a great tool for businesses that have sales or service people out in the field and need to take payments; it’s called Intuit GoPayment.  This tool allows anyone with a subscription to process all major credit card payments right from their web enabled mobile phone.  There is even an optional blue-tooth credit card swipe that you can use if you receive many payments in the field and you’re looking to get the swipe rate on your transactions.  No terminals or imprint machines to hassle with.

This service will allow your staff to receive payments on the spot, rather than waiting for a check to arrive and clear, plus it gets your cash flow moving faster.  I haven’t met anyone that didn’t want to get cash coming in as fast as possible.

If you find yourself out in the field and you receive a “GoPayment” and you client would like a receipt, no worries.  Another great option is the ability to e-mail or text a receipt to the customer.

With Intuit GoPayment, you have the ability to easily manage users and transactions online; or, if you use Intuit QuickBooks®, you can download transactions directly into your company file.  Could they make this any easier?

It’s all about getting paid faster!  If this is something you’re interested in please contact us today for more information.


Custom Reporting And QuickBase®

Here at Alembic we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom reports for a wide range of products; and we have just added another tool to our arsenal, QuickBase®.  QuickBase® is a great product but is lacking quite a bit when it comes to attractive, printable reports.  The ability to create online databases quickly and easily is great.  However, a majority of the time we are creating databases from which we need to provide visually appealing output from.

With the use of the QuickBase ODBC driver we can link to your QuickBase® data and create reports using Crystal Reports.  We can also use the driver to access QuickBase® data directly from applications like MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word and more.

If you find yourself in the need for such services please contact us today to see how we assist you.

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QuickBooks® – Pay For Items When You Order Them

We recently converted one of our clients from a different accounting system; where things are done quite a bit different than they are in QuickBooks®.  Once we got them up and running, they went off on their merry way.  It wasn’t long however, before we realized that we need to spend a little time on training.  Prepaying for an order is quite a different process in QuickBooks® than in their previous system, in order to do this properly here is what you need to do…

  1. Create a Purchase Order for the items
  2. Create another current asset account, name it “Prepaid Inventory,” or something similar
  3. Enter charges for the item, either by writing a check or entering a credit card charge.  When QuickBooks® identifies open purchase orders for the vendor, do not select the purchase order.
  4. On the Expenses tab of the check or credit card charge, click the Account field.  Choose the current asset account that you created in step 2.
  5. Save the transaction

To receive the items

  1. Find the check or credit card transaction you created above
  2. On the Expenses tab, select the line that contains your current asset account created earlier
  3. Go to the Edit menu and click Delete Line
  4. Click on the Items tab
  5. Click Select PO
  6. Click the purchase order you created in the ordering steps above and then click OK
  7. If necessary, record additional expenses on a new check or credit card charge.  Don’t add additional expenses to the existing check or credit card charge
  8. Save the transaction