Consulting, QuickBooks

Open Sales Order In QuickBooks® Enterprise

We were going over a few issues that we had identified in QuickBooks® Enterprise with one of our clients.  During the 2 hour meeting one of the salesmen asked why a certain Sales Order was still showing as open.  Our first response was, “Because it’s not closed,” which we quickly followed up with, “Don’t know, let’s have a look.”  When we opened the Sales Order he got a rather puzzled look on his face when he noticed that the freight charge had not been invoiced.  So, in an effort to track things down we went and found the associated Invoice.  The freight charge was there, and he now had an even more confused look on his face.  Luckily the controller was in the room and spoke up, “Oh, I corrected it.”  By that he meant that he had added the freight charge to the Invoice and sent it on its way.  However, that did not take care of the open line item on the Sales Order.  So, we went in and check the “Clsd” column for the freight charge.

All was now right in the salesman’s world, at least for now anyway…

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