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QuickBooks® Error When Trying To Run Bank Reconciliation Report

We ran into a bit of a problem today while using QuickBooks®. When one of our folks was out at a client’s, they were trying to run a previous bank reconciliation report.  They ran into an error with this report, and only this report.  Luckily, they received an error number which led us to a quick resolution.  The error number was, “13748 49696,” which appears to be an issue that occurs after updating Adobe Acrobat 9.0.  Now I’m not sure if they just did an update to their Acrobat Reader, but I know that the update prompts pop up on my screen all the time.

The way we fixed this one is as follows:

  1. Open Reader, or Acrobat, click Edit > Preferences
  2. In the left pane select Internet
  3. In the right pane uncheck the Display PDF in browser checkbox
  4. Click OK

If the error recurred your next step is to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Acrobat 9.  We didn’t have to take this route, but just in case we thought we’d mention it.


Adding A Company To An Existing QuickBooks® Payroll Service Subscription

Recently the question was posed whether or not it was possible to add an EIN to an existing QuickBooks® Payroll Service subscription using your QuickBooks® software.  We are happy to say that this is a possibility.  However, there are some things to look out for.  You wouldn’t want to cause any issues with your payroll, employees like getting paid you know!

For more information on this and other situations like it, contact us today…

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Open Sales Order In QuickBooks® Enterprise

We were going over a few issues that we had identified in QuickBooks® Enterprise with one of our clients.  During the 2 hour meeting one of the salesmen asked why a certain Sales Order was still showing as open.  Our first response was, “Because it’s not closed,” which we quickly followed up with, “Don’t know, let’s have a look.”  When we opened the Sales Order he got a rather puzzled look on his face when he noticed that the freight charge had not been invoiced.  So, in an effort to track things down we went and found the associated Invoice.  The freight charge was there, and he now had an even more confused look on his face.  Luckily the controller was in the room and spoke up, “Oh, I corrected it.”  By that he meant that he had added the freight charge to the Invoice and sent it on its way.  However, that did not take care of the open line item on the Sales Order.  So, we went in and check the “Clsd” column for the freight charge.

All was now right in the salesman’s world, at least for now anyway…


Packing Lists In QuickBooks®

I came across a client who was having trouble printing a packing list, in QuickBooks® Enterprise 2010, that displayed only one of the items on an invoice.  Here was there question followed by our answer.

Q: I have a Sales Order that has three items on it.  Two of the items are being drop shipped from two separate vendors and the third item is coming out of our inventory.  I have created an Estimate with all three items on it.  I then created the required Purchase Orders from that Estimate, followed by a Sales Order.  When I was ready to Invoice the customer I wanted to print a Packing Slip that contained only the one item coming out of our stock, however it shows all three Items.  How can I print a Packing Slip with only the one Item, but still include all three on the Invoice?

A: While there may be more than one way to skin this cat this is how we handle the situation.  Do everything the way you are up until it comes time to create the Invoice.  From the Sales Order click on the Create Invoice button and when prompted to create and Invoice of all Items or selected Items, chose selected Items and enter a quantity for the Item you want to appear on the Packing List and change the other Items to 0 (zero), click Okay.  Note that all the Items appear on the Invoice, but only the one Item has a quantity in the Invoiced column, the Item you want to print a Packing List for.  Go to Print and print your Packing List, only the one Item will be visible.  After you have successfully printed the Packing List go into the Invoice and change the value in the Invoiced column to the total number you intend to Invoice for, Save and Close.

Any questions?

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How Do I Drop Ship In Fishbowl?

Why doesn’t my inventory appear in the drop ship section of the inventory module in Fishbowl?

This is a question we recently fielded from one of our clients.  After some review, we uncovered a training issue.  The folks in charge of inventory thought that because the default location for a part was a location called “Drop Ship”; this should make it appear in the Drop Ship section of the inventory module.  This isn’t so.

To properly drop ship an item you must add that item to a sales order.  Then you need to double-click on each line item you want to drop ship, changing the type of item from “Sale” to “Drop Ship”.  This selection is located in the top right corner of the window that opens after you double-click.  Once you save and issue the Sales Order, a Purchase Order is automatically created for each needed vendor.  Please note that for this to work you must go into the part module and specify a default vendor.  Once the Purchase Order is created, all you need to do is go in and set the ship-to address on the Purchase Order to the proper address.  Your inventory will now show in the Drop Ship section within the Inventory Module.

And that is how to properly drop ship items within Fishbowl Inventory.

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Updating Customer Addresses In Fishbowl

Here at ACSI we do a lot of work via import files.  We recently learned that you cannot update customer addresses in Fishbowl via a mass import/update file.  You can modify customer information, such as terms, but not addresses.  We were able to do an initial import of all the customer addresses, but we soon realized a modification needed to be made.  Therefore we created an update file, but were unable to successfully import it.

We were able to verify with the Fishbowl Support Staff that addresses currently cannot be updated via an import file.  It is on the developers “to-do” list and it should be available in the next release, currently estimated to be made available sometime in January 2010.